Curious how good a "deal" I got

Picked up a ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee GT (butterfly) on eBay this morning. $9.99, and I was the only bidder. Seller’s ad did not say “GT”. It is not new, but is in good shape.

I’ve seen a couple of other GTs with Buy It Now prices ranging up to about $80…but no one has bought them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure of the collectibility of this throw, and so would love to hear your thoughts ranging from “No big deal…” to “Wow, you got pretty lucky”, or anything in-between.


Dude, you spent 10$.

You did good.

Darn, I was about to bid on that lol

It’s a Bumblebee ???

That’s about the going price for a normal stock bumblebee these days

Duncan still makes them but they’re called the dragonfly now so they’re not that hard to get

Definitely, $10 for a good product is always good. Just wasn’t sure about this particular model and how its value is seen, in general. I’d seen some very high Buy It Now prices, so I was curious.

If it is the same as dragonfly you can buy big rubber things that fit under the caps. My dragonfly mold mark says play ax so they are the same

Yeah the old Dragonfly/Profly still have Playmaxx on the mold mark (and I believe) so I consider them to be official Playmaxx products even if they came with Duncan packaging =P. Not sure if newer Dragonflys have Duncan mold marks (or if there even are “new” DF colorways) but I do have Proflys with the Duncan mold marks/ on them

As for the deal, if I wanted an original TBB GT I would certainly consider $10 a good deal.

I saw a site selling it for $12, so I would say you got a good deal. Whoever is selling it for $80 is just trying to get lucky, and hoping someone buys it thinking it will be really good. Always try to get the best deal you can. Something like $2 may not seem like much, but it sure adds up.

Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the replies.

The bumble bee is different then the dragonfly.

I paid $40 for a mint Cascade is that a good deal?

Yes it a 100 dollar yoyo 60 percent discont is a good deal for everything

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Appreciated!

Luuuuuccckkkkyyyyyy :wink:

Please explain how the dragonfly is different from the bumblebee gt