Can anyone value my Duncan Bumblebee?

I have a duncan bumble bee…I know it’s just a straight forward yo yo however when I try to look online I can’t see any site selling it and the ones I do see are asking $200? Is that right? I bought mine from Amazon about 6 years ago for around $20…has the price gone up for some reason? I’m based In the UK. Thank you

Recently a pair of those have been sold for £4.88

The people that put those up for $200 are Idiots.

Interestingly; the people that would buy them for $200; are also Idiots.

Compelling testimony on the subject of estimating the witless percentage of humans inhabiting the Planet Earth.


Yes, they recently sold for about $13 (U.S.). The Proyo models they are descendants of (*) don’t even go for much more than that. Just because they’re sold out doesn’t make them worth appreciably more.

BTW, if you are willing to spend that much on one, I have a couple of the original Proyo versions mint in box if you are interested. ($200 includes shipping and handling :wink: )

  • Duncan bought out Proyo, the Duncan bumble bee is made from the same mold as the Proyo, just rebranded.
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