Bumble bee by Duncan

I have a quick question, how much is a Duncan bumble bee worth? I bought a couple in a store nearby for 3 bucks each! Amazing deal an could not pass it up to let me younger relatives play with them when they come over tomorrow.

Wondering if it is a good deal. I am not trying to take business away from Andre, but if anyone wants one for my cost let me know!

Let me know if it was a good deal or I just wasted 3 bucks

8-12 bucks.

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$3 each is a very good deal.

I agree. I would have bought 4 of them If I were you.

2 for looping, Then I would put some mod spacers in the other 2 and done 3a.

I got 3 haha. Going to give one to my little cousins

My great-nieces wanted me to give them yoyos of their very own this fall so Bumble Bees are what I gave them. $3 dollars is a steal for any bearing yoyo in my book!

Speaking of Good yo-yo deals, I was at ToyRus Yesterday to go buy one of the new Green Duncan metal drifters to do some mod work on, and saw the New 2012 Version Velocity by YYF http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/703/YYF-New-Velocity, for only 6$. It was a great deal and plays great stock. I didn’t know toysrus even had it so it was a pleasant surprise.

If TRU had it for $6 it was mismarked. The TRU by me has it for $14.99.

It wasn’t mismarked, it was an “After Christmas Sale”  :wink:

Okay if we can say stores, it was 5 and below. I don’t know if others have them where they live, but it is amazing. They were 5 bucks but had a sale on top of that! There were also proyos with the trick book for 3 bucks!

I don’t think we can name stores… But hopefully the mods won’t see it Haha. Anyways, I might have to go check out “That Store” and grab my self a pair of decent 2a throws…

I like mine. It’s my only looper. I also got it from here for full price.

If it’s a brick and mortar, physical store it’s ok.

You should get mod spacers :slight_smile: I have them in my bumble bee