quick quesion about the dark magic 2

on the unresponsive bearing are there 2 c-clips because i can only get 1 off

Yes, bearings have two, one on each side to hold the shields on. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the gap in the clip, try better lighting or a magnifying glass. You can often find the gap by running the end of the needle around the edge. You can feel the end of the needle drop into the gap.

1 on each side. It may be hard to see. Be under a bright desk light and prepare to look at very many angles until you see the gap, then use a needle to try to get it out. Of one end is hard to get, try the other end, it may work better.

The clips are very thin and narrow. This isn’t an unusual problem. Just keep trying.

okay thanks guys

In addition to what was said, you really only need to take one off for cleaning. The only reason to pull both is if you don’t want them on at all.

I’m going to respectfully disagree. Especially when you’re spinning and blowing out the bearing to dry it, you want to make sure that whatever it is you’re cleaning out has someplace to go OUTSIDE of the bearing. Even in the solvents, it helps when you’re taking the bearing out for the fluid to be able to just freely take the stuff out.

So, I recommend removing both bearing shields for cleaning. That’s how I see it.

I agree with studio you should take off both shields. You will get better results. Just an FYI on the center track bearings to take off the C clip I use the needle to push on the right side of the opening but for all other bearing I push the pin into the left part of the C clip.