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OK, so I have a need to run a poll. It’s only going to run a few days, after which I will be locking and removing this thread as it won’t have any further use and I’ll have removed the images.

I had to do a quick photo session with my 7 year old being the photographer. After I set up the tripod and gave her some direction, she did pretty good. Not that any of you care, but it was raining! Thank goodness we have a patio cover, we stayed nice and dry. The only problems we had were in Photo 3, where I tried to get my favorite pug in the photo but he just wasn’t having anything to do with it.

BTW, she throws a ONE. She’s learning, slowly, but she’s learning. I’m, of course, throwing my DM2. I bet most if you can tell what the robot is throwing.
(Yes, the robot is still completely functional!)

So, here’s three images:

Image 1 - Portrait:

Image 2 - Wide:(fixed from earlier repeat of Picture 1)

Image 3 - Robot YoYo:

So, let me know which one you like the best. There may be lasting ramifications of this vote.

It was either “Double or Nothing” or “Yo” done with the Big Yo. I opted for Double or Nothing because it at least looks like I can do something!

Thank you in advance to all who participate. Thank you also to those who don’t participate. I don’t want anyone feeling left out.

(DOGS) #2

From what I can see, the first two look identical. Before I vote, are they actually different? Is there a difference I’m not seeing?

EDIT: The man has a face! Good to see ya!


Same. On all counts.

(DOGS) #4

I checked the links and confirmed that the two images are in fact the same one. I’m missing a full one-third of epicness, here.



I’ll go fix that…


Fast editing with copy/paste can sometimes bite one on the butt! I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t rushed. So close! All fixed now.


We see the amazing studio42’s face for the first time!


I like the robot pic xD

(DOGS) #8

Depending on the purpose, either the first or third. The lighting on the first is superior to the second, and the background on the second is too busy to benefit from the wide shot.


Natural lighting. All shots taken within an hour. The view is what’s making the lighting appear different. Could also be the camera angle was different. I don’t have a decent place indoors to take a shot and it was rainy and I need to get this done for a super not so secret project.


Photos excluded from voting. All photos are prior to the “Great Hair Whacking of late 2009”.
ALSO, all photos were from my “Pre-YoYo” days.

Mixing a country band for a rodeo group social event in 2007:

Stage set for that show:

Mains and stage monitors are mine. Mics are all mine. All other gear is the band’s.

SacAnime Summer 2009, outdoor ampitheater, mixing 1 of three bands. Had a nasty fight with my wife the night before, slept in the truck near the venue. No shower, no shave, no food. Heck, probably no sleep!

Mixing various greaser rock bands for a car club car show in 2009:

Note: The back of the really big rack you may have trouble seeing, is loaded with I think 14 channels of 31-band EQ. It used to be 18 but I removed 2 units I never use and re-deployed them where they could be better utilized. The front is full of compressors, 2 31-band EQ’s, a BBE Sonic Maximizer and plenty of patch bays to handle the inserts.
(DJ Gear is NOT mine)

My mains, set up before a benefit concert I did for Katrina aid relief:

This is a somewhat rare FULL MAINS set-up. I don’t get to break out the full PA that often. Not that you can really see it, but the monitors on the stage are also mine.

Shot at Winter 2010 SacAnime:

VIc Mignona left the stage, wandered the room, NO FEEDBACK(I’m so awesome with the gain structure) as well a fantastic clarity and volume everywhere in the room. You can also see my video camera and one half of the mains in use. I mixed a band later that night. For TMCertified’s benefit, that’s a Shure SLX transmitter using a Beta 87A capsule that the guest is running around with.

ALSO for TMCertified’s benefit and drooling potential: The front side of my wireless rack:

4 AT 3000-series receivers.
4 Shure SLX series receivers
AT 1100 series VHF receiver on T3.
Not seen on back: Antenna distros and amplifiers
Also not seen: AT ATW-49 LPDA antennas.
The little 2-space rack on top has one of those previously mentioned MOVED EQ’s.

All shown gear is mine unless otherwise noted.

I’m waiting on photos from my staff photographer for 2011 season. I’m also still editing photos from other 2011 gigs, some of which I am in at the console. My problem is one of my crew, she took a LOT of good pictures and I’m having a very hard time narrowing it down. She wasn’t my staff photographer, but she still works for me on a regular basis. I’m trying to play catch-up on photos this weekend but it won’t be easy as more gigs rolled in!

If you want to cruise what I got so far:

Enjoy. I gotta get my Bill Cosby photo up soon!


impressed whistle


At last we can see Studio42 Picture, but you did say there won’t be a photo of you playing yoyo, or doing something, like a man behind the scene,


Things changed outside my control that necessitated a change in policy.

What can I say: change, adapt, survive, throw!


The robot pic is just too boss. Awesome sound rig as well!

Also, “The Great Hair Whacking of Late 2009” really resonated with me… Mine was this year :’(



You look very similar to the what I pictured in my mind. Obviously you are the real deal when it comes to providing sound for major events. Very impressive array of equipment. Concrats!

Without knowing what specifically your end use will be I am going to cast my vote for the pic with the robot. He looks like he is a bit more confident with his throwing abilities than you. Must be the expression on his face.


I like the robot one best it’s silly and everything seems to be strait it might need a little cropping but that’s just me (No expert at photography.).


Thanks. I try to do the best I can with what I’ve got.

I hope the folks running BAC, Nationals and California State Finals feel the same way to as I’d be glad to provide world class quality sound for those events and have them be given the attention that they so richly deserve. I just need them to return emails and phone calls! It seems yoyo people are very shy I guess.

(Plus, people tend to perform better when their audio is handled as if it was a real concert. The cool and wow factors kick in)


Now that is awesome! The robot FTW! I love it! Is that going on the box of the new Studio42 Yo? I’m DJ’ing a homecoming right now, I’ll see if I can post a pic of it in a few.


I’m Dj’ing the last homecoming dance of my season for a school here in Orlando. I’m the little guy on stage just barely above everyone else haha. Fun dance. I made a little yoyo before the show started that I hope to put up soon. But I figured Studio would appreciate this. I’m more design than speakers but you can barely see my EV TourX speakers above the crowd lol.

300759_10150398089732044_517487043_8361190_331344561_n by nvisionproductions, on Flickr


There he is! Do you do sound for alot of metal bands?