Quick Jirorian Question


Hey, I’m still kinda new to yo-yoing again. I recently got a Jirorian and while I love it, it has a tendency to snap back into my knuckles -seemingly whenever it wants. I try to do something simple like a matrix and bam - knuckle snap.
I guess my question is does anyone else have this problem? How did you correct it?
I was thinking of ripping the pads out and just siliconeing it. Has anyone done this yet? Does it play better after?


pull pads go sili. that’s worked for me before.


I don’t have this yoyo, but I am in favor of flowable silicone responses. I mean, I’m not in favor of ripping out pads that aren’t needing to be replaced, but if you’re in need of replacements and the yoyo is compatible, flowable silicone is wonderful!

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Don’t be sloppy with your technique. When you’re sliding the yoyo across the strings, be deliberate so the string doesn’t bite the response.

I have a hard time believing this is a hardware issue.


Are you saying he should be rebooted?

Just what we need, someone going “blue screen of death” at a yoyo contest, falling over and needing to be kicked in the groin for a reboot.


So is this thread about the merit of flowable silicone?

It seemed like he was asking if the Jirorian is responsive or not. His point was that the Jirorian was binding in the middle of seemingly simple tricks.

This should NOT be a pad vs. flowable issue; should it? I would be interested to hear from Jirorian owners on this.


If the responce is like the dreadnought g that I had then the silicone in those were very grabby. I could return it while doing simple tricks and it would not let me do ninja vanish becuase it was so grabby. If that is your problem I really don’t have a solution exept taking out the pads and re siliconing it and making the silicone a bit more shallow.


I’ve learned in my brief time yoyoing that most if not all of my problems are me, not the yoyo. When stuff comes flying back at me, it’s usually because I’m not doing something right. I find with a new yoyo, as well as a yoyo that is new to me, I have to get used to the nuances of that yoyo to be able to use it as best I can.

If the OP wants to put flowable in there, so be it, its his yoyo, he can do what he wants with it. But I don’t think that will fix any issues with bad technique, which is where I think the problem is.

I’m going to go with my standby advice: practice, practice, practice!

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Clean the bearing. Lots of issues with unresponsiveness stem from the bearing, and it’s always good to just clean it before you mess with the response.


Yep. Bearings can be hit or miss. This could be the cause of snapback. Old bearing that have been cleaned can pretty much stop. When you flick the bearing does it go for a while? Or just kinda grumble to a halt?


I cleaned the bearing when I got it and it does spin for quite a while when I flick it. I also think that the problem has a great deal to do with my technique. I am still getting back into yo-yoing and I guess sometimes rather than learning the subtle nuisances of a new throw or break in new pads my first option is just to silicone it because it is a quick fix when compared to technique or break in pads.
I do notice that while all my siliconed yo-yos have an inward curve to the response (the silicone curves towards the yo-yo body, or are perfectly flush, the jirorian’s pads raise out into the gap. I thought this could be the problem as the gap already isn’t that large.
I’ll just throw it for a few more days and see if it improves when I wear on the pads a little.


I had this problem too. I was also sorta new but I figured out what I was doing wrong. When I did this trick, I did it starting from a sleeper. I do not know if you did this too, but its better to do it from a breakaway.


maybe fix the tension of the string? :wink:


If the bearing flys then just make sure the string tension is right. Work on good technique! Best of luck to you!


A “C” sized bearing is not a small gap. And up until recently most YYJ models came with o-rings that protrude into the gap a bit. Quite a few people are able to pull off some fairly astounding tricks with just such a setup as you describe. :wink: