questions for home string makers

On average, how long does it take you to make a single string and how much time do you spend a day making strings?

It sounds like your underlying question is: Will you have time for friends, throwing, and other stuff, and can you make more than minimum wage when you include time for ordering supplies, setup, actually making the string, take down, packaging, processing orders, shipping, customer service, marketing, equipment costs, and hiring armed guards to protect all of your string making secrets? Then, probably not. At first it’s the minimum wage thing, when you consider everything. And, if you are successful, then it’s the time for other stuff thing. But hey, who cares about that, when you can be making string!

Your question could also be interpreted as a roundabout way of asking people how much money they make, or asking us all to whip out our statistics and compare. I am guessing that wasn’t your intention, and that you really just want to know if this is worthwhile for you. If you enjoy it, then go for it.

i have been making my own strings for a long time, the question is exactly what it says and nothing more

About 1 minute, 0-2 hours a day

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Wrong guess. My appologies.

its cool

Much less than you’d assume and far more than I should.

  • I live for the small details. :wink:


I have yet to time myself, so i will and get back to you.

i started this thread because i recently timed myself and it turned out i was faster than i thought. it takes me seven minutes to make a string(very different internal structure from other strings) and i make 1 to 3 a day once a week or so

This is the fast I’ve ever seen

He used to run SnackTime String and it looks like he makes about 6 strings in 2.5 minutes

For me a single string take 40 seconds to a minute to make one and I usually make about 30

A few second actually, the trick is buying a bunch of string and using those.