Questions! Also MVP2 or Avant Garde 2?

Hey! I’m pretty new to the world of yoyo’s and I was hoping to get some insight on some things I’ve seen around the Internet, etc. So, here it goes!

  1. How long to bearings, axles, and response pads last? If a bearing is treated with oil, where should it be applied?

  2. How many types of shapes are there? I’ve heard of H, Butterfly, and a basic shape (somebody called it a D shape?)

  3. What are the reasons for a bind not working? Are so called “PRO” response pads better?

And I was curious to see what people think of between MVP2 or AG2. Their shapes seems relatively similar, AG2 with a slightly raised response area, but they both interest me and I am entertaining the thought of getting one of them.

  1. It all matters on how much you play and how you take care of them.

  2. The shapes that I know of are V shape, H, butterly, imperial (looping), and modified imperial. Please tell me if there are anymore that I’m missing!

  3. Just practice binding more and you’ll get it, I started binding with a responsive bearing for practice.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

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The de Is the ZS shape, which is the shape of the Zeus, Avante Garde(both versions) Glacier Express, etc.,

I think it’s called undercut

Shapes that I know of

H-shape. Think YYF 'Star series.
V-Shapes. Makes a “V” in the catch zone.
Wing/Butterfly shape. Think Duncan Butterfly.
Imperial. Shaped like the Imperial.
Modified. Kind of a mix between the Imperial and Butterfly shape. Most modern loopers look like this.

Less common shapes, known to most simply as “Extreme H-Shapes”

What I call the U-Shape. Evil Yo, Decapod, makes a “U” in the catch zone.
What CLYW calls the I-Beam shape, X³ calls the ZS shape and what YYF calls “ahead of the curve”.

You can apply lube to the ball bearings inside the bearing. (Look up videos on how to take the bearing apart.)

A bind will not work depending on if you are in front mount or a back mount. It will only bind in a front mount, and a trapeze will not bind.

Are you referring to the YYF Pro CBC pads as apposed to the normal version? If so, IMO they are leaps and bounds better, and for just 80 cents extra, a great buy.

its best if you desheid the bearing, the add a drop of lube directly onto one of the balls. also, if you are so new to yoyoing, why are you looking at such expensive yoyos!? start out with something cheaper, incase you decide you dont want to pursue the hobby. and yes, PRO response pads, in my opinion, are slightly better than normal CBC thin pads.


If you de-shield, DO NOT apply a drop from the lube bottle dropper directly to the bearing. Use a pin or needle, dip that into the lube, then touch that to the ball.

The reason I am applying this correction is that a noob is gonna deshield the bearing, put a fat drop of lube into the bearing, then whine about it being responsive. This is a common issue and one that all players need to learn.

Now onto the OP’s questions:

1: Bearings can last years. Axles should ideally last the lifetime of the yoyo. Response pads are designed to wear but can often last months. How long do these items last depends on how well you care for your stuff.

Lubing a bearing is its own question and how, where and how much depends on what you’re using and the desired results.

2: There’s really two: Butterfly/wing and Modified. The reality is there are many more shapes if we want to get really picky, but since there’s no agreement on terms, it’s just a topic that falls apart fast. Just think of it this way: string tricks yoyos use the wing shape, loopers use modified shape.

3: Bind not working? You might be binding wrong. If you throw a normal break-away, then you’ll need to bind from I think an upside down trapeze. If you threw across your body, then you’d need to bind from a trapeze. If you do a normal forward throw, I think you bind from a front mount. You need to be aware of the direction your yoyo is spinning and then do your bind against that for best results. It takes a lot of practice. Once you learn your bind, then just get back to working on tricks. You’ll improve your bind through practice, and since you have to bind to bring it back, might as well work on something between the throw and the bind.

Are “Pro” response pads better? If it works, then that’s all that matters. As long as there is some sort of usable response system in a yoyo, I am normally able to bind the yoyo back. If it’s not a factory pad or sticker, then I’ll typically use flowable silicone and do it myself.

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I personally like the Avant Garde 2 because it’s really stable and spins forever. Plus it has the ‘Chief’ rims. What could go wrong? Also I reccomend waiting for YYF’s Eco Friendly PRO responce pads. They provide nice, snappy binds and are recyclable!

Wow! Thanks for the replies :o It kinda died for a day or two there, thanks for all of the help!

As for looking at expensive yoyos, I already own an 888x, and I have been vigorously pursuing this hobby since I bought it this past week. I’m interested not only for yoyo’ing itself but the art some yoyos have. I like my 888x, but it’s nothing glamorous and I’ve come to understand that there are better companies out there.

I’m mainly looking at “H-shape” yoyos, such as the Xcube Aware or the CLYW Glacier Express. Sadly I haven’t found any concrete reviews of the Aware yet.

I’m not going to make this a “Defend YYF” post. YYF is one of many companies making great stuff. Terms like better and best are all based on preferences and opinion anyways. I know people who hate YYF. I also know people who dislike CLYW, as strange as that may sound.

With so many wonderful yoyos to choose from, you’ve got to figure out what to buy and what you like. It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure

Yes! I could have probably chosen a more appropriate word than “better”. More or less, you’ll either spend a bunch of money trying out different yoyos, or find a hobby store that has some to try out. I can’t seem to find too many local hobby shops which is quite the shame…

Most don’t have the greatest of selections, but some do. Kind of a crap-shoot.

I’ve put it out there that if people live close to me they can try my stuff out. I don’t have an Avante Garde 2 or a 1 or the new MVP 2. I do have a Glacier Express.

me tooooooooooo!! I love avant garde series and I have both of them!!