Questions about the Grind Machine YYE sells.

Somewhere in the future I will buy a Starlite + Grind Machine.(I’m not saying when 'cause every time I say a date, something happens and I fail to get me the yoyo)

I want that combo 'cause I wanted a Protostar shaped yoyo and a GITD yoyo and the hubstacks seduced me :stuck_out_tongue: hehe.

Anyways, what I wanted to ask is this:

  • How come I can’t find the blue and yellow GM?
  • Is it safe to assume the yoyo sold at the YYE Store is the “GM v2.0” Right?

That’s all :slight_smile:

I got a blue/yellow PGM off BST. That was the exact color I was looking for.

The Starlite is pretty much a tny bit lighter version of the Protostar plus GITD. You can get a Starbrite if you don’t want GITD and save a few dollars. But 58 grams is kinda too light for me for a Starbright.

Colors: I don’t think YYE or anyone else gets much say in what colors arrive. I guess the blue/yellow was super popular. The red/white looks pretty nice, but alas, it’s not blue/yellow.

I think you’re right in that the current version is the 2.0 Grind Machine.

Well, I do want a GITD yoyo hehe :smiley: so the starlite will be.

About the GM, I think I’ll go for the red/white. I agree the B/Y looks better but I rather buy the 2 yoyos at the YYE store mostly because I want to get a single shipment with the different things I might buy.
Still, I guess I can post in the BST section for a combo with the Starlite + B/Y Grind Machine… I’ll think about that.

Thanx for the help Studio42 :smiley:

You’re welcome. I’m glad I can help.

I’m planning a decent sized purchase as soon as I can. I’m choosing that instead of buying 1 or 2 high priced items, I’m going to by mostly looking at lower costs items. I’ll keep some cash on hand for when CLWY drops stuff or when the new One Drop Code 2 hits. I can always otherwise buy big ticket items later.

Since you’re buying, make sure you load up on strings too. Since your shipping is going to be expensive, might as well add strings in so you don’t have to pay shipping for them later.

Oh I will.
I’m going pretty slow through my strings but I’m pretty sure I’ll need to get another bulk by the time I get this yoyos. I try to squeeze the last of them hehe and I like the feel of a worn out string :smiley: (I think the yoyo becomes more and more responsive as the string gets closer to the end of its life).

I might even get another ONE. That way I can keep a responsive one for fun, and an unresponsive one for tricks practice before trying the tricks on the expensive yoyos. (Also, they are useful when someoen says “May I try?”)