Questions about the 13.7 mm duncan pads

I have an M1. I need new pads. So now the question, are these pads the same thickness as the pads the M1 came with or thinner?

Which pads?

Read title I suppose.

Anyways the 13.7 duncan pads will fit the M1. I believe that Samad is using them in his M1 right now. In other words, they work.


well if samad is using them I guess their of heavenly status ;D

Quick, Samad, reach down the toilet, pick up some poop, and use it as a response. They’ll think it’s heavenly. ;D

Okay?¿ Second toilet joke…

Aww. . . the poop messed up my bearing. . .

Anyway - Yes, they are the same thickness.

ok, I was kinda hoping for thinner but I can get an 8 pack for $4 w/o shipping cost :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, but you’ll have to ask André, cause I don’t work there, haha