Silicone Question

I am planning to get Duncan Silicone Stickers. I have heard good things about them, so I’m gonna try them on my M1. They will work right? Cause I am assuming the size I need to get is 13.7? Is that correct?

you are asking a question? well I think they make a responcive yoyo less responcive. I wouldn’t know about an M1’s reaction.

I know what they do. I am just asking if the size I mentioned works in an M1.

No, I don’t think they will fit, because according to OneDrop’s store, the inner diameter of the groove is 14.1mm, while it is 13.7 in the silicone stickers.

Well, i feel the need of help from dryoyo and/or docrobot. What should I do now? I was really counting on buying from here, because of the cash thing, so how can I get pads now?

You could of course, cut or modify the stickers. Also, there is a new order of stock. I think they might be in there.

samad, your best bet is to get your parents to get you a pre-paid visa. you give them money, they load it on the card, and you do what you want with it. it would be a lot better than sending cash and it is also quicker. if you keep sending cash, one of these days it will bite you in the rear. there are a lot of shady people in this world and sooner or later you will cross one. just trying to help you out man.

Well, I have sent cash several times before. I am not worried. Also, I wrap it up VERY tightly.

Whoa! You’re gonna have to find different stickers, I’m thinking.

Isn’t the response diameter on an M1 a little over 14? If you want an opinion, go with Kentaro .555 response pads, although I’m not sure where you’d find them in stock.

Of course, flowable silicone is a delicious option to entertain… :wink:

Well, I got a response from someone on YYN. Apparently, it works. Thanks guys!

Sure, it’ll work. Sort of. The diameter of your M1 response is bigger than the pads in question. You’re going to have a gap. Sometimes this isn’t an issue. Too big a gap and it’s a big issue.