flowable silicone

today I siliconed my m1 and it finished drying.when I played it it was awsome,but it wore out 2 hours later.is that how long it lasts.

and a question that doesnt relate to the title,what response can I get FROM YYN that fits my m1,samad said duncan silicone stickers but what size would fit the PAD response?


If duncan sili stickers work than any regular sized pads will work. Kentaros are cool. i like my yo-yos grippy though.


ooooh k-pads,hadnt thought of that,but what size for a PAD response m1?
EDIT:are the right sized ones sold out on YYN?

The M1 utilizes .555 sized pads. The duncan silicone stickers with the 13.7 inner diameter should fit. You can get a lot .555 sized pads at YYN. You can get GEN pads, kentaro pads, chaz pads and dif-pads. Just to name a few. On this site, only the Duncan 13.7 will fit your M1.

When applying flow able silicone, you have to let the silicone set over night, (apx 8 hours) before play.

If you have a Pad M1, I recommend a Half OneDrop Silicone sticker, Half Chaz pad combination.

I left it overnight,for about 24 hours

What kind of silicone did you use?