Best Response Pads


What do you think are the best 19 mm response pads on the shop? I want to get a lot of pads, because I am out of Slim Pads and I don’t want that to happen again for a while. I was eyeing the YoYoFactory Variety Pack, which has six pairs (and yes, I know that one of the pairs are 21 mm). Would this be a good choice? It seems like a good deal. Or should I get Duncan SG Stickers (a couple packs)? They are cheap are they seem good from the limited play that I have done on them with my Flipside. Maybe YoYoJam Silicone? Those seem good too…I have them on my Theory. Or maybe get several pairs of YoYoFactory white pads?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

P.S. I was the one who made the “Flowable Silicone?” thread, and I have decided that I probably won’t do that.


Out of my experience Duncan SG pads and YYF pads for price. If you wanted something a tad pricier (to try out) IrPads are a good choice. And you can easily get those in bulk.


My favorite response so far is probably Red CBC Pads. Or Blue.

I also liked Duncan SG when I tried them. They just wear out quick though.

IR Pads are also nice.


The pads crucial uses are incredibly nice, but an unusual size.

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Just go for irpads, for me clearly best pads on market.


Whenever possible, I actually do prefer flowable silicone. However, the downside is the 24 cure time. You gotta plan ahead for this stuff!

I’m not against buying pads, but I like to be able to DIY whenever possible, especially with some models and brands coming and going…


I would certainly rather get IrPads, but there aren’t any available on the shop and they are REALLY expensive.


Thanks for y’all’s help, I have finally been able to come to a decision.

I am going to get one or two packs of Duncan SG Stickers, because they are cheap and they look pretty good (not to mention there is only one pair of white CBC Slim Pads left).


What you should do before you buy is contact YYE if you have any questions about what you need.

It’s foolish to “stock up” on a product that won’t fit what you need it for.


CBC Natural Pads


shinwoo p pads stupid name awesome response it is the same size as YYJ silicone O rings or CBC slim pads so 19 mm slim pads and they rock. They press fit in so in a pinch you can put them in another throw also they are cheap $1.50 a pair and I have yet to have a pair fall out


Duncan SG Stickers are compatible with throws that use 19mm size pads. That is exactly the size I need, so that is what I am going to get.


I like the cbc Natural pads so far the most. But i’ve never used ir pads, or duncan sg’s.