Questions about 5A counterweight yoyos


Hey guys, I saw some videos about counterwieghts 5A and just had some questions.

  1. Can any 1A yoyo be used to play 5A or does 5A have specifics?
  2. Can you make your own counterweight or are the counterweights made for exactly that reason? (I want to try using something a little heavier and more dense than a die(dice))
  3. I have seen a lot of players use duncan gloves. Doesn’t it make the string harder to catch on your finger when doing tricks?
  4. I know yoyos are usually chosen by preference, but is it easier to catch the yoyo on the string if the yoyo gap diameter (the part the holds the break pads) smaller like the YYF protostar or bulky like the Spyy Ronin?


(M.DeV1) #2
  1. on not really while there are yoyos that are built for 5a like the severe mostly any 1a yoyo will do
  2. yes usually you need to have a drill though to put a hole through your selected item however duncan dice are pretty much perfectly weighted. it just makes the string slide smoother over your hand and prevent string burn.
    4.usually a bigger gap means an easier catch zone and you can put more string layers in the gap.

Hope this helped!