for x-mas should i get a dm2, northstar, trigger, PSG, Grind Machine, or something else?

Any thing would be great! ;D


Dark magic or North Star preferably.


From that list, a DM2 or a Northstar. If you can get your hands on one, the C3 Alpha Crash is brilliant for $20.



I have everything on that list, except the sOMEThING “else”. I’d say get a Firmy.

OK, sorry, real bad joke.

Depend what you want. Each have their finer points and strengths.

OK, couple of warnings:
PSG: got for the Gem series. It plays better in my opinion that the original. Some people have issues with vibe and the response systems of these. If you don’t like the response, silicone it an the problem solves itself. Both mine(Original and Gem) have vibe, but I don’t care as they still play good. I don’t obsess about vibe.

PGM is a good more classic shape, and is a great intro to stacks at the price. Your opinion on stacked yoyo play will be a new adventure in personal discovery. Ignore what people say about stacks. A lot of people say it gets old after a very short amount of time. As I said, ignore them. Form your own opinion.

Northstar: Great player, bad grinder due to the surface. Regardless, this or a Protostar(same issue, but is lighter and faster than the Northstar) are must-haves in most collections. Ignore the price tag, for $35, both are competition ready throw.

Trigger: Waited since BAC for one. SO worth it. Really love this yoyo. The celcon it’s made from is also machined a bit and provides a fantastic grinding surface.

DM2 is still one of my favorites. The highwall forces you to learn to land clean and is not that great for horizontal play, but I don’t think this is an issue for you. An OK grinder, better when you grind on the metal rims.