Question: Origin of SM (Saturday Marketplace) colorway name

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I see the “saturday (night) market” colorway mentioned a lot. Where does that come from, why is it called that and not “rainbow splash” or something?

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Saturday Market is a special color way that One Drop does that uses random colors. Each one looks a little different. They usually have a limited amount of them when they release the first run of a new model, but lately they don’t have an anodizer that can do it anymore.

I believe the name comes from a local market in Oregon.

This is what my one looks like.


SM was explained here about 3 years ago but what thread that explanation is in is a mystery. Can someone find it? I’m going by memory now but the closest I can recall is: A yoyoer (a sponsored thrower or maybe a yoyo company owner) was at an outdoor marketplace on a Saturday night…in…maybe Thailand? Korea? Vietnam? This yoyoer looked down at a puddle of water and saw all kinds of multi-colored lights reflected in the water of the puddle and really liked the way it looked and the Saturday Marketplace colorway was born. I apologize if I got the country / location wrong. Perhaps, if someone can dig up the story it can be made into its own topic because surely the question will be asked again. Isn’t One Drop the only company that uses this colorway name?


That name is what OneDrop exclusively called the multicolor color application. I believe it was named in honor of the tie dye shirts you would find at outdoor markets (or a specific outdoor market) in Oregon, the home state of the brand.


I thought it was named after the Portland Saturday Market but I could be wrong.


I did not hear that version of the story. The One Drop website does not have an email address listed (that I could find). Let’s get the whole story by the end of the day!

Maybe @da5id can shed some light on the origin?


This is correct




I recall this thread but cannot find it either.

I though DocPop had a hand in on the naming of SM. @DocPop is that correct?

I wasn’t involved, sorry. I don’t know anything about the origin of the name.

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Named after the Eugene Saturday Market. It’s an iconic Eugene thing. Very tie-dye.


Thank you for replying!!!


Thank you! Mystery solved

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This version is much more interesting. Let’s just assume this one’s the origin story.

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It’s just what I read here several years ago. Maybe I can find that post….

Yup solved. And it was me specifically who named it. The first time we had the finish done I looked at it and first thing that came to mind was the Saturday Market. Went with it.


Why would we assume the origin is wrong?

Saturday Market being named after an actual local influence is way more interesting.

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Love the name, thank you for clarifying <3

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Haha you’re remembering my reply to you in another thread about three years ago - you were wondering why it was called that and I gave you my “ideal” interpretation. Here it is:

Was probably hard to find since it was randomly in the mailday thread from awhile back, not its own thread. @Shwa

Anyway… I also like to pretend this is the backstory lmao