Question On 5a yoyo

Okay so my friend just got me started in 5a and its really fun and Im about to get some money $40-$50 and I’m gonna get a legacy but I’m now wondering should I get throw monkey for 5a or use kickside… any other ideas for 5a thats not too much so I can get legacy also

I suggest the Plastic Grind Machine. You can customize its weight and the size is great for 5a. Dryoyo recommended it, so I tried and loved it.

my sister has one and I personally dislike it…so is the throw monkey good for $18? or just use kickside for 5a?

Ok so I’ve gotten some other ideas…

Legacy and Throw Monkey

Legacy and FHZ

Legacy and use my kickside for 5a

Please tell which one and if you know anything else please say so!!!


Legacy and Kickside for 5a.

I suggest doing this to make your Kickside an awesome player:

Clean the Bearing or break it in
2 Red shims
Dye it or do something to its color.

I did that to my old Kickside before my friend broke it, and it was such an amazing player.

I’m not good at modding…I would try but I dont have many yoyos

In that case, just get two red shims, break in the bearing by playing with it, and just take sandpaper and do it by hand.

I think my bearings broken in, what do I do for sand paper…what do I sandpaper ??? I could buy the shims only $1 right???

the kickside is great for 5a :slight_smile:

Thats what I’ve been using so far I’m just wondering should I get something else?

Yeah, get a Catch22, works well for Off String also!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sandpaper=Satin I’d get legacy and some crap like kk,shims,sili, and other poop to trick out your yos.

Anything smooth and stable.
I like the M1

Lyn Fury. Takeshi Matsuura uses it. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, really. Kickside would be good also.

I think your kickside will do fine for 5a.

Modded of course :wink:

I would recomend the yomega Hotshot as well.

Its my main 5A throw right now.
Its a very smooth player and handles the string very well.

I set mine up with the wide spacers and a dice.

Out of your options though, I would keep the kickside!

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I think I’am just going to get Legacy and some shims for my kickside right now