I was digging through my dad’s stuff from a while ago, and I found a looping yoyo signed by Dale Myrberg, one of the four people to hold the “National Grandmaster” title.

I have no clue what the official name of the yoyo is, but I know it was made by Genuine Russell Yo-Yo.

So, my question is, should I keep it, or should I try and sell it for some money.

Also, I’m new here, so lemme know if I should move this post to another forum.

Well that depends on how much stuff means to you and if it was actually signed or just printed when it was made. If I had a Russel yoyo my dad owned I’d keep it, particularly if it was signed. But that kind of stuff means nothing to some people.

This is as good a place as any for this post.

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