Question about yoyo maintenance???

When do you lube your yoyo and how much lube should you use??? Also when do you clear the bearing as well??? When do you change the recession pads or replace the flowable silicon??? I really do not know when I should do this so I am curious. Can any of you tell me???

If you never clean your bearing, you probably won’t ever have to.
If you add lube it’s when the bearing starts slowing down. That’s when I do it.
You change the pads or silicone when they stop working.

When I lube, I put one pin drop on a bearing ball and then spin it to spread it around (with shields removed).

I don’t like playing bearings dry, I lube my bearings when I feel that thay’re gettin’ a bit dry.
As for cleaning, I don’t clean bearings, maybe when there are so much lube or dirt in your bearing then you could clean it.
That’s what I know.
Like what Ichtus said, if you never clean your bearing you donlt have to lube it,
Hope that helped.

flowable silicon almost never dies out