Question about the DV888


Is the overall shape/size similar to that of the 888

also does it play similar to the 888?

please answer because this will help my decision between 888, m1, and L3

(VincentD) #2

The shape is almost exactly the same as a DV8, and I’m sure it plays great.


excellent, because i’m looking for a yoyo of about that size, sometimes the largeness of the DM can be frustrating.


slightly larger diameter, looks likes a project by one drop, and about 66 grams in weight. I got to try this yo-yo at PNWR in feb. I didn’t get one.


get an m1 they are soooooooo awsome. i got an 888 and my m1 was smoother and i didnt like the 888 so i traded for a project. but i would definantly save your money and get the m1