Question About Reverse Whip Tricks

I’ve been learning a couple a reverse whip tricks, such as reverse hook, and I noticed that all of the tutorials use the “pull-the-yoyo-up-by-the-string-with-your-nth method” and then whipping the string around, instead of just whipping the string around twice. Personally, I find the latter to lead to much more consistency. Why has the first method become commonplace with reverse whip tricks instead of the double whip?

Nobody taught me reverse stole and hook, I learned them myself. I just found it more natural to do it that way.

It’s kind of the same thing with the little pinwheel people do before a fingerspin.

Just feels more natural once you got it down and it can look a little better

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Do you have any tips with getting that motion consistent? I can hit it like 50% of the time, but the string goes haywire the other 50%.

The pulling the yoyo up motion or the laceration motion?

I feel like laceration tricks are all about comfort tbh. If the motion feels awkward or unnatural you either don’t really know what you’re doing or you haven’t practiced the motion enough

The tricks happen so fast you just gotta make sure you understand what’s happening and what you need to do and from there it’s just repetition until it clicks.

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Definitely the laceration motion after you pull up.

Does the motion feel awkward with the pull versus without?

Idk tbh somebody else can probably give you more help on this one than me :joy:

I learned it so long ago and it’s so intuitive to me at this point I don’t really know what tips to give.

I find it easiest with a dismount from trapeze, pulling the jojo towards your NTH as you swing it back towards the left - using this momentum you can get into RBS and RH pretty effortlessly imo

Doing the double whip was always too much for me, not tryna do that exaggerated motion over and over

My tip would be to whip your TH past your NTH wrist to catch the RH - make sure to keep your NTH finger close to the yoyo the whole trick (it helps just keeping it out before you even whip)

Hope this helps??

Not really? Idk the string just doesn’t move how I want it to sometimes.

I’ll try tomorrow morning and get back to you!