Question about my Bloodcell Run

Hi people,

I have lots of different wood I could use for the run of Bloodcells I’m about to make.

Would you all mind if I change the specs to match each wood, like scale them larger for lighter woods and scale them down for denser woods.

If you don’t mind different size options to match thw wood, it opens up loads of more wood opportunities, unique aesthetics and also and also unique feels.

Please vote.

  • Keep the yoyos in the run all the same size and use only a few selected woods.
  • Scale the size to match specific woods, opening up more options.

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Maybe scale them to the types of wood and then instead of just calling them a “Blood Cells,” you could title them with a blood type as well. Blood Cell Type AB hahahaha!


Here’s an example of upscaling to match the wood. This one is made from deodar cedar. It is about 63mm in diameter instead of the normal 57.5. It doesn’t feel too big and weight about 50g.

It’s slightly on the vibey side, so I’m not sure I will use this wood again. Plays wonderfully, but people are a bit funny when it comes to vibe.


Wow. LOVE the pronounced grain on that deodar cedar, if that makes it into the mix you have one buyer right here at least!

As for sizing the yoyos to fit the wood - Do whatever you feel is best, I don’t see a problem with it, but your name is on the yoyos so you have to be happy with the final product.


That is a beautiful piece of yoyo art. Love the grain. When I think of cedar, the wonderful smell of the wood comes to mind. Does this one have that cedar smell? Also, at least in my mind (not sure about reality) American Cedar is a soft wood, what about deodar?


The only issue I am experiencing with doing this is that upscaling for lighter woods renders the dimple almost unusable because it is too wide for a snug grip. I will have to try again today with a modification to this area. If it alters the aesthetic too much I’ll have to scrap the idea.

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My word, it is a stinker alright!! My wife cane into the work shop and asked what on earth I was working with. It has a very strong dirty resin-like smell. Some might like it, but I’m not a fan, it’s too sharp to me. Engraving it on the other hand, was a different story. It smells magnificent when it’s burning.

Yeah, it’s a softwood. It seems hard enough though not to ding up too easily, although it will much more easily than maple. I’m not sure how much people care about that.


Finally, a yoyo that smells great if you accidentally drop it in a fire :fire:

This looks spectacular.

To answer your question, it’s common for plastic versions of metal yoyos (or metal versions of plastics) to have different dimensions to get the weight distro in an appropriate spot for the material. I think that doing the same for wood is also a fine idea, though from a production standpoint I wonder if having different sizes makes it any more difficult for you. (eg. if you are using some sort of template system)


I love all this burning conversation. This thread is so lit.:wink:


It isn’t too hard really. I just take the basic dimensions like diameter and width and multiply it by a percentage. This one was the regular Bloodcell dimensions multiplied by 110%

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Just an idea, but have you thought about making the halves a little on the thicker side instead of making them proportionately larger? Not sure how it would look though… or even if it’s really worth all the time experimentating when you already have a solid functional design.

That would mess with the play characteristics negatively. Scaling preserves the performance.


Here’s a wenge one scaled down to 90% it has a diameter of about 52mm and weight 48g.


Does this look good enough to include some SpectraPly Bloodcells in the run?

  • Looks good
  • Doesn’t look that good.

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Thanks for your honesty @MarkD, I think I agree.

I’m thinking I will make white oak, maple, zebra and possible one more wood, maybe purpleheart. Will likely be a 60g thumper though.

I’ve already begun.


@Glenacius_K Does the feel of the yoyo not change a lot(apart from the obvious fact that its larger/smaller) with upscaling due to different densities?

lol. might as well type out my thoughts!

for this design especially I think the natural wood grain works better, because it has smoother transitions between the colors, and the face of the yoyo usually ends up looking smoother because of it.

and in general, running the ply the other way looks a lot better (to me) when the yoyo is at rest. maybe with a more subtle color gradient on the spectraply

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I second this :point_up_2:

But not this, I like the contrast.

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What about a Spectra ply pattern like the wenge yoyo grain direction above?

I think that would make for a really interesting contour on both the face and edges.

Here’s my terrible mock up: