Question about CLYW Fool's Gold Avalanche

I was wondering why the new run of FG solid color Avalanches are 60$ when the last runs of FG anything were running around 85ish. In this new run is there more vibe than the typical FG throws or something?

Beats me. All I know is I played a FG Avalanche at it was an amazing throw. “Vibe”, like… after fingernail-smoothing it out, you could feel an intermittent tiny little vibe pulsing like the last light of a dying star in a distant, distant galaxy…

Nothing that you would ever notice during play.

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My theory is that these are cheaper because the whole run was FG. Or Chris has just dropped the prices after the last FG release (Black Friday)

Were the last runs solid colors? If not that might explain it

They weren’t. All splash. These Avas up now are the first solids in a while

when was the last run?
Was that the run with the tshirts? If so, the t shirt is probably the reason for it.

These are not available at YoYoExpert so I cannot answer your question here. Sorry!

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My guess would have to be cost. As anything you buy in comparison to same or similar. If cost can be lowered upon production it would be reflected in market price. If Chris doesn’t have to pay for fancy ano or shipping them back and forth across the border you will see a dip in price. I will not complain. Thanks Chris for the generous offer to the community.

The Ano.

Gruntbulls prices = 5 bucks more for every new color/splash etc.

Well, if you go read the ava Fg page on clyw’s page, you will read:

We ended up getting a full run of the original Avalanches that vibrate. So we decided to anodize them in a solid colour and put some sweet artwork on them by Jason Week. Our loss is your gain!

I guess that selling them throught their store will cut down on distributor/store prices, and the t-shirt might of upped the price a bit last time.

Can’t wait for my tax return to pick one up, first clyw!

The Avalanche is an amazing throw! I’m definitely picking one up (or two!)once the store opens back up. I just wish they were available in a solid red…hint to Chris for future runs ;D