Does anybody know how much an OG Avalanche w/o the box is worth?


If the yoyo is in like new condition, without the box?


I’d pay between $80.00 and $90.00 USD at most. Most people will want to know the colorway and will pay according to it’s rarity.


Idk what the colorway is called. It’s yellow with blue and green speckles.


If it’s mint you could sell it for around $100, but you’d have more luck at say $80 :slight_smile:


Does anybody know the name of the colorway or if there’s anything special about it. It’s a Yellow avalanche with blue and green speckles. I think it is the very first colorway from the first run that was released for the player the yoyo was made for, but I’m not sure.


Well, I just did a little research and it’s definitely not first run. There were only two colorways in the first run and neither were yellow. If anybody knows more about this than me feel free to reply or send me a pm.


I would say, if its near mint, the street value would be about $85 max.


It’s completely mint. Looks brand new, but it was thrown a couple of times years ago.


100 is definately pushing it but 90 would seem reasonable


Can you post a pic of it?


little research found that it did not have a name to the colorway

I would say $90 would be a good price because it is mint no box