Question about bearings?

So I bought a new Duncan Orbital a few days ago. Took it out and played with it for about 10 minutes and everything seemed fine. I had an extra ceramic bearing, and I tend to really like the way ceramic plays, so I swapped it out with the shielded that the yo-yo came with. Immediately the yo-yo started playing funny. The bearing seemed to keep coming loose and it looked to me like the width of the bearing was somehow too small for the yo-yo. If I tightened it down fully the yo-yo began to play responsive and if you looked at the branding on the two halves of the yo-yo they were almost a full quarter turn away from each other as opposed to being lined up like when I had the original bearing in. After about 2 days of messing with it I swapped the original back in and it’s playing fine again. When swapping I placed the original bearing and ceramic side by side and the dimensions seem identical. Also the ceramic is playing fine in my Invictus Thesis. Any clue what is up?

Is the ceramic bearing unshielded ? since it might be possible that some dust or grit got into it.
Try cleaning and re-lubing it, this should do the trick. Use acetone or isopropyl alcohol to clean the bearing since they are not as agressive as other cleaning agents.

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