Ceramic bearing suddenly performs like it did when it was first bought?

Hey all! Subject says it all. I have a ceramic in my syzygy that I thought was broken in, and I definitely don’t remember switching it out any time recently. Anyway It’s suddenly sticking after not being played for a bit. Is there anything that could have caused this that I wouldn’t have noticed? It went on vacation with me recently but was in a pouch the entire travel time, in a bag with no other liquids I know of.

You could try playing it more, but I’m guessing you might have already tried that.

Take the bearing and and see if it spins.

Since it’s out, try cleaning it. It won’t hurt. Don’t worry about lube at this point.

It is possible something happened to the yoyo, but i would think you might have seen some physical damage.

Do you have a spare compatible bearing to swap out? Spare axle? You isolate one factor at a time.

I’d start with cleaning the bearing and seeing if that does it.

It’s definitely the bearing. I’m wondering if I recently got a new ceramic in there, for some reason, and forgot about it. But I definitely remember spinning it just fine. I don’t have the materials to clean on hand. I’ll just play it and see if it breaks in like they usually do.

What ceramic bearing is it?