x3 The Seed Ceramic Bearing Stuck/ Jumpy

Hey guys I just got a brand new x3 the seed on last monday. It’s always been alittle iffy but i jsut thought its a diffrent feel and new. And for a bit i had it going well although it did have very responsive pads. regardless. Now the bearing is sticking alittle when it spins. You can see the string jump when it gets alittle caught up. I think this is wut is making it so responsive from just a spinning position. When i take the yoyo apart i notice when i spin it i can feel the resitants and it squicks! not good i pressume. Next I just cant not get the bearing off the thing. I havent tried to hard because i dont want to break it. But still it worries me. I have noticed this once i first got it i through some lube in it and it seems to sastify the yoyo for about 5 days, hence the friday post. And it seems to have reverted. Soo any ideas? Im pissed i spent 130 dollars on this and just isnt working like it D; .

If you don’t have a bearing removal tool, find yourself a 1/4" drill bit. Put this into the “hole” of the bearing and wiggle back and forth, back and forth… that should get the bearing out. Many bearing seats are rather tight, which contributes to smoothness but makes maintenance a pain!

Then put a KNOWN-GOOD (from one of your other yoyos) bearing into the Seed and give it a try.

The bearing probably just needs cleaning, but sometimes bad bearings happen. Don’t be afraid to “junk it” if cleaning doesn’t work… although if it’s brand-new you might want to contact the vendor to see if a replacement can be arranged.

Well Im not going to clean the bearing because i dont know how. But i do have drill bits at home that i can use to get it off and slap a die e yo on. But when i got a centertrac bearing way back the same thing happened. i must be doing something wrong. Although i dont wanan through it how because its a nice cermanic bearing i suppose. idk. i dont even know how to dishield the thing it looks like is got little gaps on the sheilds like a byclye chain would if you wanted to take it apart. idk if i have to identify this at all.

Also gregp have you heard of people putting the bearing half in the freezer to help get it off?

Idk if I’m just making this up but I thought u weren’t supposed to lube ceramic bearings…

I have no idea myself clearly but the bearing out of the box was not working very well…

Coulda just been a dud. Have u contacted them about it?

Nah I just got home I was able to rip it out stuck an extra due e yo concave and it runs grand although it had to be forced into position I wanted to try ceramic but Idk if it’s me or the beating some things not right with it I’ll save it and clean it if I can learn how

You can clean the ceramic like any other bearing. Mr. Difeyo says you should lightly lube a ceramic like any other bearing. Be sure to blow it out good and make sure it’s dry before you lube it. If you have some 300 or higher grit sandpaper, warp it around the bearing seat and rotate it with your fingers a few time. that should loosen up the bearing fit a bit.