Question about a yo-yo price?

This yo-yo on EBay. It is a Peak 2. It does t say Peak 2nd run of 1st Gen. Just Peak 2.

The price just amazed me😳

Any thoughts?

Shouldn’t the price be closer to $100?


Much closer to $100 or maybe even less, retail on these were $84.99. Only reason I could see an increase would be the 10th anniversary edition, but nowhere near to the asking price. Then again, most throws on eBay are far from a realistic asking price.


This is a common thing that’s been happening on ebay lately. All these items are just being relisted from Japanese resale sites at a higher price. Essentially a high priced middleman. If you looked in the right site in Japan you would find these same throws for about half the price.


It’s possible he’s not at all expecting to get that price…but rather hoping someone will send him a non-lowball best offer.

Same Picture, different price… $178

Yeah, that’s definitely Peak 2.

Even in Japan, that price is too much. Peak 2 is usually sold in 5000-10000 yen (45-90 usd) price range there. Except for special rare color such as BBB, which can go much higher there.

If the seller really wanted or needed to sell it, yes. I appraise it around $150 with shipping , only because it is a 1st Run with the special 10th anniversary box. That being said the Japanese market is hot these days, a Fools Gold BBB Peak 2 just sold for $338 a couple weeks back. This Peak 2 however as been listed for over a year around that price. I’ve seen Peak 2 Unknowns get offers up to $200. You know beauty and value are in the eyes of the beholder.