Question About a Type of Paint

Has anyone around here ever used Testors Enamel Paint? I’m looking to use it for some designs on yoyos. If I were to say, paint a straight line on a plastic yoyo, would the paint come off if I were to lightly scratch at it?

I’ve used it, mostly on plastic models. Doesn’t come off easily. But it may depend on the plastic. It works great on styrene, like model cars/planes are made of. I would think polycarbonate plastic would be ok too.

I’m painting over powder coating so it should be fine. Thanks! Do you know if it can be handled a lot without coming off?

I think the wear should be minimal. It’s a pretty hard coating.

Oohh this is for that peak design huh?

Why not just use the powder?

That is after all what separates us from them.