Quality or Quantity?

Sometimes I want to stock up on many cheap yo-yos that can still perform well. Other times, I want to buy one really good yo-yo. Which do you prefer when buying yo-yos, and why?

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I would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have a single good yoyo instead of ten sub-par ones. The high-grade one will, in all likelyhood, outlast all of the other bad-quality yoyos. You will be able to land tricks smoother and easier. Imagine havi g the option of one/two “good” yoyos (CLYW Chief, OD CODE1, etc.) or 5 StarBrites or Velocities. I’d take the good throws. In life, I always take quality over quantity.

accidentally deleted my whole post by hitting the X on the tab, so I’ll just summarize what I was writing,

I love my first run addiction know that I’ll never get rid of it, I would however trade the kyo DNS very easily,
price doesn’t mean quality, you’d need to find a yoyo that you really like for it to be a quality throw. could be as simple as finding a silicone recessed FHZ, I also love my TMBR fremont, spinfaktor HG, and will probably not get rid of those.

Someone who plays 2A might enjoy a pair of brand new YYJ unleasheds just as much as they would enjoy playing with a brand new YYF that would cost $99, these are two totally different things, but the price on one is much cheaper. you just need to find a yoyo that you’ll always love, that’s why I now have an addict and 2 addictions.


There’s reasons for why I do what I do.

First, I never thought I’d get this hooked into it, but I am, and so that’s the way it is. My bank account is is constant danger. First, audio gear, now yoyos. Whatever. I have expensive habits.

Yes, some yoyos are cheap. Cheap doesn’t always equate to poor quality. You will find higher instances of poor quality in the lower priced products. Then again, poor quality can happen anywhere, and sometimes poor quality can just be an “oops” that slipped through quality control.

Let me attack an area first, something I will call “the throws we should all have”. The Duncan Imperial and Butteryfly are typically around $5. These aren’t carried here because it costs too much to ship as well as probably not enough profit margin. Also, honestly, people who shop online want a bit “better”. Regardless, cheap, fun, usually durable, and often commonly available. Fixed axle fun at bottom prices.

Duncan makes a LOT of low-cost yoyos as well. Metal Drifter, FHZ, FH2/Freakhand, Throw Monkey, Flying Squirrel, Flying Panda and the new ProZ. Again, cheap, plastic, durable, quality and fun. Heck, the Butterfly XT just dropped and 4 are on their way to me as I speak. Why should I determine price for my fun? I just bought an Arctic Circle, KLR and Sky Walker. Yeah, I’m playing a ProZ with a CenterTrac in it. The FHZ is a “standard” in yoyos!

Stepping up, the ONE and WHIP are $10, load of fun. Quality as well. Even the stackless PGM is pretty nice, but that one seems to say to me "5A me please!

Let me lump a bunch of YYJ’s together: Kickside, Lyn Fury and Speed Maker. All are fantastic quality plastic yoyos. Let’s toss the Pinnacle in there as well. All of these need a clean bearing and perhaps some other work and they become amazing. The “other work” is siliconing the Lyn Fury.

The Adegle PSG and Asteroid kinda knocked the low-cost market sideways, offering extremely high performance and quality for a stupid-cheap price.

Now that I’m about to break out of the sub-$20 market, we’re still talking cheap, yet quality and fun. Legacy II, Chaser, DieNasty, Protostar, Northstar. Quality and fun.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a cheap plastic that you don’t have to give a crap about.

Virtually all my collection is QUALITY, coupled with quantity. Plenty of quality in there. Well, at any rate, it’s stuff I like. It seems silly that I am buying lots of high end stuff, but I still go for the “cheap plastic stuff” and even seek it out on sale too. I’m looking to get a Flying Squirrel and a Throw Monkey to add to the collection, which I will be just as happy about getting as a new One Drop Cascade or a GSquared Nessie when those drop.

I have 2 Lyn Fury’s, I want another. I have a glowing DieNasty, I got a blue one via BST. I double up on some stuff. I have the complete set of Duncan Freakhands, I have the complete set of ProZ’s. I did order a complete set of the Butteryfly XT’s, but I’m doing cap swapping and then letting theroybit have the red one, I’m taking the blue, leaving 2 of my kids to “fight to the death” over the green and orange ones. I have multiples of a few yoyos. I have 2 DM2’s, I wouldn’t mind a few more.

If you’re buying junk, then that’s a problem.

Now onto Part 2:
I buy some stuff specifically so I can have inexpensive stuff for noobs to throw at my yoyo meets. Having responsive throws lets them try before they dive in. Parents avoid costs up front, people get to try for free. Am I selling? No, at least not yet. I may consider being a reseller for some low-cost quality items if it becomes an issue though. I’d gladly carry the ProZ’s. for $10 or less, changes from modified to wing. 2 throws in one. Awesome!

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I like having a mix. i find those one or two really good yoyos and still get cheaper ones but still leave room to save and get really good ones

Just a little bump. I just want to see what most people prefer.

I would definately take quality over quantity on anything in life. What’s the point of having a bunch of cheap throws anyways? You can only throw one at a time, so it might as be a quality one that you are throwing