Quad fist response?

on the anti-yo YWET and DRY-YWET there stands that it comes with the Quad fist system. is that just a special kind of response pads? or what is it? what does it help for? nice if someone coult tell me :slight_smile:

It’s two sets of responses. It appears it includes OD Flowgroove pads for the inner response pad, and then the outer recess can be siliconed or use some other response pad. Quad comes from it being repeated on both sides, giving you 4 total response areas.


Yes, this is correct. Also to be noted is that the original ywets came with rubber o-rings (a la old school YYJs) that could be installed in any combination of inner/outer grooves on either side. I’ve heard of some (Asian?) players getting creative in some instances and filling the outer grooves with some sort of heavy metal (I want to say lead, but obviously that might be a bit dangerous!) in order to increase the overall weight, thereby altering the overall play characteristics.

I know lead is rather easily obtainable. It can be purchased in the form of fishing weights. The low melting temperature would made it easy to heat over a gas burner such as Propane or even natural gas. However, I’d be worried about safety issues. Hot metal in liquid form doesn’t sound like something I want to be around!

Also, don’t most metals shrink a tiny bit as they cool? I’d be worried about the metal popping out. I guess it would hold tight to the inside.

It’d be funny to see if, while someone was yoyoing, it popped out and cut the string.

Quad fist response has a customization when it comes to responsiveness. You can literally choose what type, either a high amount via the use of those orings or silicone, or a low response via flow groove pads and or siliconeing it yourself.

Most people out there have been using the outer ring as a form of a schmoove ring however.


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ok. thanks! good to know all this!