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Sup b’s and g’s?

I’m looking for a few different yoyos. I’m not in a rush to buy anything, so I’ll likely sit on offers for a bit, I’m letting you know this now so that we avoid any ill will or anything like that.

I appreciate being inboxed with yoyo name and price offer, as well as a brief condition description. I don’t hate dings on yoyos as long as they aren’t massive gouges.

Anyway, here’s what I’m looking for ATM.

YYF Popstar

Looping YoYos****
SPYY Punchline/Punchline Repeater
SPYY Pistolero
SPYY Ronin
SPYY Flying V

If you have abything below this line, PM me and I will shoot you every yoyo II have for trade and will probably do… Favors.
CLYW Campfire
CLYW Bonfire

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