purple flamingo catch

im trying to understand it but i cant its too hard
someome have tips?



Yes, it’s quite difficult. Break it down to a few steps:

  1. Do a Breakaway into a sideways Pinwheel
  2. (this is where it gets tricky) As you get into Fig. 1 (below), it’s easier to keep the string between the yoyo and the non-throwhand straight (no slack), because what you’re doing is moving your TH sideways and slapping/throwing that slack (between NTH and TH) into the stiff string part. Note the position of the hands in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3.
  3. If done well, slack should look like Fig. 4 and you’ve got your GT.

Sorry if my explanation is lacking in meaning, the pictures do more justice. And be prepared for a busted knuckle or two. It happens.