Plan D... Please help.

I need some help.

I have to help out one of my favorite yoyoers!

Its pretty easy actually, you’re in the trapeze thing, and you’re hanging it off of your finger, right? Well, look at your throwhand middle finger - You need to be sticking that out. Then, swing the yoyo toward your body, and land the yoyo on the string coming off of your throwhand middle finger.

OH! Thanks, Samad! I was trying to hit the wrong string! XP I got it now. Thanks!

phew. That looks complicated.

Easy trick for me. ;D

Aren’t you special? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting it though.

Once you get it, it becomes really easy.

I’m actually getting the picture. In the most chunky way I ever could imagine and I’m still not sure if I’m doing all the steps correctly, but I am getting that picture.

Samad I now need your wisdom lol. I get stuck right after that im not sure if i was doing the beginning right but it just looks like i did it wrong. Help.

nvm samad i learned it