Purple Blanket-a video for my late older brother

Well, I didn’t say this on the forums until now, but my older brother, Derek, died in November last year. I have been making this video since 2 days after he died. The video explains how he helped me become a better yoyoer. Please watch the video. It means a lot to me.


So, a lot of people said they enjoyed watching my improvment over time, so I making a sequel… I also really enjoyed that feeling that I did something for my brother, and have had really no sense of that since. I am surprised that his passing would affect me this much, and it is not that we we did not like each other, we were as close as brothers could ever get, it’s just that, quite frankly, I didn’t think it was possible for a singular moment to completely change my life as much as Derek’s passing did.
Also, I guess that this video serves as a reminder that this incident will never be over for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what that means… Prequel!And sequel to the sequel!!! Lol Jk.

Well expect a sequel soon, as soon as my family gets a new computer that is not full, so I can load my like 5 hours of video onto it. Lol

Thank you
just letting you know, he didn’t hurt himself when he hit his head on the tree


That’s rele nice I’m sorry about ur brother I think he would be rele proud of what u did and how far u have come

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thank you.

I’m sure He would be proud of you, and he is…That is so awesome that you did this in his memory. I almost cryed watching it, to be honest, as it’s so pure and honest. You are an awesome guy, avenger. And nice accidental freestyle, and nice improvement over the time span. And to be honest, I did cry…

I really sorry about your brother but rember he is in a better place now. Btw nice yoyoing I’m SURE your brother would be really proud!!!

I’m sorry about your brother, I have an older brother too I guess I never realized how much he actually means to me. I thank you for making this video that I will truly appreciate my own brother. As I watched your video I actually started to cry a little because my brother means a lot to me too. You are a great yoyoer and I’m glad your brother supports you, you may not see it but I’m sure you can feel it. Don’t stop something you are great at. You are a true brother to him and a great kid.

thank you everyone. what you have said means a lot to me.

Fantastic job Adam. RIP Derek, we miss you.


Wonderful video.

that touched my heart



This is an amazing video. It made me cry and is still making me cry.

He will be in our memories and in our hearts.


I wanted to post honestly just to say thank you for sharing this with us. sometimes after a loss it can be so hard to figure out what to do. It’s awesome that you now have something that you enjoy that will always remind you of him. your video brought tears to my eyes. thank you


I cried and i would like to let you know that i know that he is proud of you!

This is a wonderful tribute to your brother.

I really don’t know what to say. Such a great video. I’m so sorry.

This deserves a bump for Derek.