Purple Blanket-a video for my late older brother


Nightly bump for Derek …


I’m sorry for you. I cried at the end. RIP Derek.

Made me cry. Awesome tribute. make a trick or combo for him, I will gladly learn it and call it “derek’s”. I’m 33 now but one of my older brothers died when I was about your age, been there. I feel for you.



bump .Please, try to share this any way you can.

I posted it on my g+

Free bump, sorry for you.

That was really sad but a very awesome and honoring vid for your brother. Thank you for sharing it. You and your family are in my prayers. Keep throwing, you’re very good at it. I know your brother is proud! :slight_smile:

For your bro.


This is such a sad and inspiring video.
I’m sure your brother would have loved it.


I loved this bro. A great tribute and I’m sure everyone is proud of your efforts and your love for your brother. Keep throwing…great skills!


Amazing video. Made me get a little emotional… and im sorry about the loss of your brother.

Keep throwing man. You got some awesome stuff!

hoping to make it to 10000…doesn’t look like it will happen :’(
ANyways, bump, and maybe ill make a second vid

I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to have lost someone that close. Like your brother, know that, in family and friends, and even here in our silly world of yoyo, there are many people that will always support you no matter what. I know that your brother’s memory will live on in your constant drive to grow and achieve.

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[b]Adam this is so great that you are sharing your video with the yo-yoing community! He is extremely

proud of you and I know that he is in a happy and in a wonderful place… skiing and going on

amusement rides and fishing, etc. I KNOW IT! I also realize that you miss him and I miss him too! He

was an amazing brother and friend, and he still is! And congrats on taking first place in junior 1a at

MWR’s… you did GREAT!!! RIP DEREK, your the best!


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