Purple Blanket-a video for my late older brother

Anyone know yoyo places around Toronto and Waterloo Canada?

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I remember the day you posted that you didn’t think you would be on the forums for a while because they were rushing your brother to the hospital. Your anxiousness and worry were so evident that afternoon. I had sent off a PM with my expression of concern and support and then never knew anything more. Somehow I missed this thread when you first posted it in April. I just now saw this. My eyes are damp and my heart aches with you.

In July 1992 my father called me at work to tell me my sister Paula had been hurt in an accident at work. She had been flown downtown and was at a major medical center. I asked how bad was she hurt and my Dad said they did know for sure yet. The following afternoon they called us into a small room and told us they no longer wished to prolong our hope. They were taking her off the respirator, she was gone. I know well your sorrow and pain.

My little sister was also my closest friend. Twenty years on, the pain of our loss has never diminished, you simply come to expect it’s presence as a constant companion. And so should it be because our perpetual sorrow serves as a vessel within which we carry our love for our sibling and an everlasting reminder that the hollow space left vacant by their departure will never be filled by any one else for the rest of our days on earth. Comfort is not to be sought in attempts to escape the pain. Instead solace is found in gripping tight to and never releasing the love you had for one another.

Adam, I am so sorry for your loss. Your video was profoundly touching as well as inspiring. Others may find a yo-yo video a peculiar tribute for a loved one. However your reverence towards and deep affection for Derek was so evident throughout your presentation. Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in as a guest for your personal panegyric for your brother.


Free bump, really touching video man it really makes me realize how lucky I am to have my brothers.



… adam i just found out … and i had no clue but I am very proud of who you are and what you became … very inspirational video!!! Very proud to have you in our club and hope to see you there soon. btw check your messages

That’s just not long enough for a boy to live. I’m so sorry man. Keep growing into a great man. Your brother would be proud. We all are.

I’m tearing up a little over here.


just watched this… i seriously cried. i cant imagine the pain you went and are going through. derek, i might not know you, but im sure your the best! thanks yoyoavenger for making this.

I keep crying reading and watching.

Thank you for sharing this.

You’re in my prayers.

Wow sorry for your brother how did he die anyway?

That’s confidential and it’s not something he wants to share.

No need to wonder.

Yeah…its just something I dont like talking about…But it was a perfectly harmless question.


Good sorry just curiosity got me you know what they say curiosity killed the cat

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Love to you and your family. If you ever need to vent it out, just message me. You’re a good young man, we’re all proud of you.