Punchline or Bassalope

Well, I just got some birthday money today and I want to spend it on a new throw.
My main choices right now are the bassalope and the punchline.
I’d prefer some floaty, but not overly floaty. I’m leaning more towards the punchline right now due to the matador spike and the IRG
If there are any other throws you think that would fit well I’m open to it.
Thanks a lot ;D

the bassalope is an excellent throw but so is the punchline just pick one you will like either one.

wich one u choosed?

i got the punchline. it is floaty so you would enjoy that, but something about the spike makes it hard for me to use it. dont get me wrong, i can use it, but it just doesn’t feel as sharp as a hatrick’s or a skyy chaser. and the spikes are out a little further making it harder to grab. plus the irg is somewhat hard to hit. again, hard, but not imposible.

other than that, my favorite throw.