FT: 3yo3 Bassline 2 (Fuji)


I have up for trade my Bassline 2. The colorway is “Fuji” and resembles Earth from afar. Lovely blast and super smooth. Mint but played. Original packaging and string are included. Fantastic throw but organic shapes just aren’t my favorite to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only looking for blasted throws (ones that grind well), H-shapes, etc. Just offer up.
Can add cash to trade $$$

New Superstar
Beadblasted Superstars
Large throws

Let me just go ahead and tell you what I’m definitely not interested in:
Undersized throws
Offers of multiple plastics -_-
Vibey/Wobbly throws/beaters

If it’s smooth on the string, and on the finger grind, hit me up.


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