For Sale...3YO3 Bassline 2

I really hate to do this… But I will sell my “Midnight Avenger” Bassline 2 W/side-effects…and an anno job that grinds like no other Yoyo on the market today! Fantastic finish grinds like for all day dude!
Really I mean seriously speaking…this is the smoothest playing throw ever bro! Like a knife thru butter!
It’s phenomenal
I will sell and ship in special lock box w/all items…did have sticker( sorry used on Yoyo case…:slightly_frowning_face:)
You will be expected to pay shipping so it arrives perfect for you…
I’m saying mint/near mint cause everyone has a different opinion of mint…but it’s not been hit or even thrown much…if so…over carpet for May 2-4 minutes…that’s it! Been holding on to this and you can PM me offers…please send to too! I can also send pictures upon request…
Thank you all!
Picture 1-3…Bassline 2…$offer

Update for Lioplueridon ILYY $80.00…SOLD
Still accepting offers for 3YO3 Bassline 2…PM me please
Thank You All

Update…Only trade consideration is a A-RT Grail…?

The 3YO3 Bassline 2…in box w/pouch…w/Side Effects!, string, and an anno job I wish I had on all my throw’s it’s so amazing for grinds & side effects are awesome!
There was a 'finite number of items made that Bassline 2 ,I’m not exactly sure how many were made?

Update: adding 3YO3 AL5 w/jar…raw! Mint condition!
Still accepting offers…

Got pics of these?

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Bump Up…Look Up!

Hey bro…I missed your PM my bad! I still have the 3YO3 Bassline 2 and CLYW Gnarwhal 2 bubblegum blizzard colorway and the 3YO3 AL5… If you provide a smartfone number or email addy I’ll send them right away!
Thank you,

To upload pictures here you can press the image picture button on the editor. Works fine on phones too.

Cool thank you!

image image image

Here are 3 pictures of the 3YO3 Bassline 2 for sale…

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Pretty sure this sold… to me


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