PULSEFIRE contest results


Its funny because some people spent a long time writig reasons and soneone (me) just came and daid I wanted it cuz it’s a yoyo, and I had just as much of a chance as anybody else :slight_smile: hahaahaha.

Yeah, I could’ve sworn that it was based one whoever had the best post based on why the Pulsefire would fit their play style. Of well, a contest is a contest. I’ve actually been lucky enough to win one of these before (the only other one I’ve ever entered). It was out of 130+ posts, and the random number generator picked my number. I won a SPYY Pro :).


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I thought this was going to be one of those who can write the best paragraph thing lol.

Knew it I wouldn’t win oh well enjoy the Yoyo.

I know right? I was like

And I had just as good of a chance of winning as you LOL.

What the heck man

whats the pic say i caynt see eet

Jamesofyoyo won

And you know, if jamesofyoyo doesn’t respond for a while… ::slight_smile:

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