Winner Of The 888 vs. Superstar vs. G5 vs. Pyro Light vs. The Dark Magic


The winner for this post is the 888!!!it was a tuff battle but 888 took the prize and the win. For stats of the other yoyos: Pyro Light=0, Superstar=3, G5=1, and The Dark Magic=0. Thank u all who replied to my post. Ill be making more posts so look for me u guys r awesome and once again thank u.


Thank you for being an enthusiastic member of the site, but these posts really aren’t necessary. You could have just posted this in your previous topic. Also, try to work on your spelling and grammar.

I’m not trying to be mean. I’m actually trying to help. People will end up getting mad at you if you keep doing this.

I will enjoy seeing you around the site :slight_smile: