Pulp Fiction video game???


This isn’t a topic about actually making a game (maybe) it’s more about ideas.

So my idea is that it’d be really cool if someone made an actually good Pulp Fiction game. I think the characters and plot of the movie would be too difficult to put into a video game, instead the creator would need to have a new story and characters but in the same style as pulp fiction. One could have a few nods too, like a Jules and Vince sighting.

In terms of gameplay I think it would be a mashup of GTA 2 driving, Hotline Miami like combat, and a lot of unique elements.

Here’s another major idea that I think would be amazing. Most video games have where if you fail in even the slightest way you’re forced to restart. Real life isn’t like that, and neither is Pulp Fiction, the interest comes from our mistakes. If you accidentally shoot Marvin (for example) in the face you just keep going and see what happens.

So what do you guys think? Could a Pulp Fiction inspired video game work like this?


I think GTA V comes pretty close to the chaos and converging storylines of Pulp Fiction. Also has the sort of usual madness, violence and language I’ve come to expect from a Tarantino film.



That’s what I was thinking, though it doesn’t really feel like Pulp Fiction. GTA has plot and dialog. But Pulp Fiction need s huge throbbing amounts of dialog and plot development that overloads your brain XD




I think this would be a great idea! Awesome movie.

There is a Reservoir Dogs video video game.


Yeah I’ve heard of that game before. Do you know if it’s any good?


I don’t know and I have it too! I need to get my PS2 fixed.

(velez_adrian) #8

Got to at least have the part when they are intaragating the guy and he keeps saying “what”. And the royale with cheese part as well