I'm making a Cyberpunk Video Game


I am developing a Cyberpunk Roguelike and I have a few questions.
If you don’t know what a Roguelike is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike
If you don’t know what Cyberpunk is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk

All Cyberpunk games need Hacking. So my question is how to implement it.
If it’s just a random number I think that could seem pretty cheap. If hacking has a minigame I think that could get annoying really fast.
What are you guys suggestions on how I should implement hacking?

Also if you have any other cool ideas please tell me!

Whats the high concept of the game?

Yeah, I kinda left that out of the description ;D
The main gameplay concept is that it will be a large open world. Displayed in 2D but kept track of in 3D. There will be a lot of hacking into systems (cars, computers, cameras, anything computer controlled). You will also have to balance how human you are and how robotic. Too many robot parts and you might go crazy. Your job in the game will be given by some All-Powerful company forcing you to spy and hack into another company. You can decide to either help the company or not (they will send people to hunt you down). Basically think Watchdogs with bad graphics and better (but slower) game mechanics.

I’m confused. Is the gameplay in 2d or 3d?

The best hacking-as-a-video game I’ve ever seen was in a game called Neuromancer, based on William Gibson’s work.

Don’t know how that would fit into a roguelike, though.

The gameplay is in 3d but the screen always displays 3d (a little confusing but it works).

I’ll look that up! I’ve been planning on reading Neuromancer.

Realistic hacking is boring. Do a small commandline puzzle game similar but smaller than brian spencers hacker evolution series or something like the game Uplink. But the command line thing would be sweet. It could be like fake commands that are related to game lore or something. But the two games above are cheap and some of the only games about hacking. I would prefer if it had some kind of command typing element. Also please port your game to Linux. By 2d 3d do you mean like the roguelike game by Paradox Teleglitch. Great game a little hard I still haven’t quite gotten into it.