anybody play GTA?


Wazzzuupp guys, does anybody here play grand theft auto? I think it’s a really awesome game. Is anybody excited for GTA 5? Im extremely excited for it, have you seen the graphics? I just named a list with like 900 (literally) words to my friend about how much new stuff you can do, and the way you switch between 3 people is so cool! Am I alone on this stuff?!?!

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Eh, I prefer NOT to have a ruthless murder game influence my behavior, but that’s just my opinion.



I’m not a fan of GTA, but i can say that the game doesn’t influence your “behavior”.

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k bra


Don’t call people bra’s, its mean bro.


Iz spelled ‘brah’


I haven’t played GTA since San Andreas. I thought it was a really cool game. But, it’s not rated for kids, it’s rated M, for a mature audience. I sold San Andreas for Xbox 360 for $38 this week. I couldn’t believe it was still worth that much. I sold the 360 for $125 last week…I’m psyched!


I love gta and it doesn’t influence my behavior it’s pretty pathetic you would say that I don’t like people who blame violence on video games


I’m playing GTA 3 lol.

It’s violent, but no way does it influence me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I have 3 also, i have gta 3,san andreas. GTA 4, and GTA 4 ballad of “homosexual” Tony (tbogt)


I can’t wait to get GTA V. I need to pre order it. If you pre order, you get a blimp in game! :grin:

Never go full retard, Nemyo.


Thought I’d bump this up, with the release of GTA being so soon! I’m ecstatic! Anyone else planning on purchasing on release?

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I play GTA, and in no way does it influence my behavior.


I pre ordered the special edition. I just can’t wait. I’m gonna play it sooo much!!!


Still waiting for the PC version(those sweet hd texture mods)


You may have to wait a year or so for that. That’s how long it took for GTA IV to come over to PC, and if my memory serves me correctly, that was a terrible port… :-\

But anyway, where I am, the game releases at 10 PM. 15 more minutes, then I’m off home to play this game all night!


Picked up my copy of GTA 5 this morning. Put about 3 hours into it so far and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty awesome.