Puffin makes yoyoing so much more relaxing. Why?

Why is it so much more calming? I can still go fast but it seems smoother.

hype :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

small yoyo with a fair bit of weight (65.7g) and rim weight will play smooth. it has the momentum to carry on with the flow and not so succeptible to the quick direction changes of fast play.

I found exactly the same when i got my boss (66g) i swear my throwing has never been smoother.

How does hype effect the play of a throw?

My answer would be the shape, for me more smaller throw’s are calmer then full-sized throw’s. The fact that it’s light helps also.

ALOT, your mind is a powerful experience-modifier and the placebo effect is very real :slight_smile:

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This… This doesn’t even make sense.
Sorry to be rude, but if you can’t help this guy. Please just don’t comment. Hype has nothing to do with being relaxed while playing with the puffin.

Now, Links, I think the puffin is so calming due to Its glidy feeling nature. Sometimes color way can effect the visual aspect of calmness. Thoughts?

“Hype”, no. But what Paul_S says is true to a great extent. We should embrace it, though, instead of trying to deny it! I select certain yoyos to match my mood or the mood I’m trying to achieve… all the while knowing that ANY of them would still work for the tricks I tend to do. :wink: I know that playing a Punch Line won’t actually make me play like Guy Wright (and he himself didn’t seem to play them in competitions or at least not recent ones) but when I want to try some repeaters and flowy tricks, I like to grab my Punch Line!

After playing the Puffin a lot, I finally have one coming to me. When I was throwing it a few days ago it was just such a pleasure. I said, “I’m jumping on the next Puffin that makes sense for my budget,” and providence set up a trade for me. :wink: It has a certain “je ne sais quoi,” and I’m OK with not truly knowing why I like it so much!

Think he was imply it was him his mind that the hype caused him to put more into it then was there.

It just seems that it makes my yoyoing a lot less choppy.

Simple. The puffin’s a good yoyo.


Then it fits your preferences to a tee. Hold onto it with your life.

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Mid Wall.
These are what make it relaxed and so smooth.

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