Puffin 2 with no pizzazz

Bummed the puffin 2 is like the Sasquatch with solid colors mostly. I love me some CLYW splashes and with no splashes to choose from I won’t be getting one. Maybe their doing it for rarity purposes or to keep them rare. Anyone else feel the same way? Or no way, who cares about colors, I just like good throws!
How does the artic circle play? I might nab one of those baby’s.

No, they’re making solids to make them a little more affordable for everyone. The splashes are coming next. Same with the Orca, solids first, splashes second.

Ahhhhh I see their sneaky ways. Well to make it cheaper for everyone then I’m cool with that.

CLYW is doing most of their throws in a solid run first, and then splashes second. Solids are cheaper, so they are trying to make them more available. Splash puffin 2s should be available in a month or so.

And I’m definitely getting an Arctic Circle 2!

Sounds to me like you like CLYW splashes, not CLYW yoyos. You’re prolly saving yourself by not getting one.

I personally think the solid with engravings looks better

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They do look pretty cool but I like the splashes a lot too

I like their throws, but not enough to drop that kind of cash for a throw without a splash of some kind. Solids are just too boring for me. But it seems solids are coming back strong. Lots of new one drops don’t seem to have splashes either. Don’t get me wrong I love my BVM2 smooth and a great solid throw.