Public service announcement- Reccomendation

Please don’t ask people to just vote for what yoyo you should get. Not only do several people have to post for you to get your preferences, but it also wrongly educates the new members-causing the to make a poll of you know what.

Just post your preferences and the members will reccomend you something.

As for the people that are reccomending: Dont just say that x is the best. Maybe to you it is.

(This thread is not meant to be stickied but can be stickied upon request. this thread is directed mostly to new members.)

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

meh, thought i’d try. :smiley:

But it seems all of your Public Service Announcements have major flaws, so then why make them if they’re all false?

well, eventually ill get the hang of it and release some that are fine. What exactly is the flaw with this one?

mrcnja pretty much said it. And if you can’t release fine ones, don’t release any at all.

Oh yeah, and ya ripped of meh thread:,653.0.html


If people quit posting in threads like that eventually they will stop posting them.

I remember back in the day when people would quote that set of questions 10 times a day. BTW, that thread needs a sticky.

Again? didn"t i have a previous thread that was a ripoff too? man im rising up on the facepalm ladder> anyways your thread needs a stickie> gonna lock