comments for each yoyo (online store)

I like seeing the comments from people that have used the products I might be interested in buying. Both the good and the bad. Sometimes you just need a extra opinion. Like seeing someone rave in a comment about one particular yo because it’s what they first started out on and maybe which ones they progressed to.

Where I live the only thing you can find are the $3-6 dollar duncans at mallwort. So pretty much all of the yo’s I look at now are brands I’ve never heard of or will ever get a chance to try out before I buy it.

This shoulden’t belong in this thread.

Another thing is, i didn’t really get what your trying to tel us. First you said you can buy a duncan for 3-5 dollors. Last your saying we should give you a free yo-yo to try out? All I have to say is look at the reviews and see which is better, or try a friends yo-yo out. We can not give you a free yo-yo just for you to try out. I bet someone would but i don’t think a metal one tho.


Actually I think this is fine in this area of the message board - he is basically saying that he wants a good review of each product to better understand it so that he can make sure he spends his money wisely.

Exactly. When I say 3-6 dollar duncans I’m talking the really old butterflys and imperials. The ones you would get bored with quick. I’m not looking for a handout. Shame on you for thinking that.

Opinions is what I’m talking about, nothing more. Because there are no stores that carry good yo-yos around here anything I would buy online I would be taking a leap of faith. Sometimes just a item description isn’t enough. You wanna hear what people think about it.

Are you suggesting that YYE should have something like the Nation does? Where each product has a comment list users can add to?

In order to make this quick, I think we could just say a sentence for each yoyo.

If you want to find a review, use the search button. Don’t be lazy :wink:

I think this is a good idea.

Yes just like what nation has.

I wasn’t asking on my behalf. I suggested it as a “site improvement.” Think of the people that find this site for the first time. Yeah I know there’s plenty of posts on the same yo in here but the guy getting into the hobby might not know to do that.

Stuff like that is gonna sell more product. Look at the page for the DM over there. You know that had to have affected someones decision. Majority of them all praising it and giving reasons why they liked it.

Why why why does everyone wanna try to complain and bitch about how stuff is spelled, and where stuff belongs in the forums. Pardon my irritation, but I’ve seen sooooo many posts about…This is spelled wrong, a post like this exists, this post should be somewhere else. For the love of god people, that’s why there are Moderator’s. If Andre doesn’t think the thread is in the right place, HE’LL MOVE IT! If something is spelled wrong…WHO CARES!!! If someone asks a question that has been asked already, instead of being ignorant about it, post a link to the other topic, or DON’T POST AT ALL!! I understand there are a lot of kids on these forums, but try to be polite and understanding. Thanks, I feel better now… :-X

Edit: By the way, I think this is a great idea. I know what the advertising says about the yoyo’s, but I’d rather hear it from people who have played it, not people who want to sell it. Like they’re gonna say something bad. And Samad, it can be more than 1 sentence, thats just ridiculous. Cap it yes, but at like 150 characters or something.

Well it does matter. If you have seen Andre’s cordial welcome to us he said please use proper english. Fix any mistakes. Please don’t swear too, we do have alot of kids on here.

Hi Steven,
Yes - it is my job to enforce this though - I appreciate your ‘efforts’ but I will make note when somethings is posted somewhere inappropriate or is of inappropriate material. A great way to help me though is to send a private message if you think something should be changed, etc.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

This wasn’t aimed directly at you Steven, so please don’t take it that way. I was more just a general complaint. I got corrected on spelling someone’s name, and I spelled it right, the guy who tried to correct me spelled it wrong. So ever since then, I’ve just noticed a lot of complaining on here for the wrong reasons. Andre is doing a great job moderating, I’m pretty confident he scans these threads frequently. Anyways, sorry again if you took this personal. :wink:

I think its a great idea! Being able to read comments about each yoyo product while looking at them would help us get a better idea of the yo, and want to buy it more! Please do it Andre!

It’s okay, and Andre sorry about that i just wanted to help YoYoExpert out, but next time i’ll send a private message.