PSG question

What is the weight difference between the two plastics? Does anyone have the specs?

Thanks all!

What exactly do you mean?

As for specs…

Diameter: 55.0 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Gap Width: 4.20 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 64.3 grams
Bearing Size: Stainless Steel Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Adegle Silicone Response Pad : “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

Gem series is slightly heavier

Sorry. I guess that my question wasn’t very clear. I was wondering what the difference in weight is between the gem series and the other series. I know that the gem is heavier, but I was wondering by how much exactly.

Gem series is slighter and plays better IMO. I own two Gems, and have played many more, both Gem and regular.

Wait, the gem series is lighter?^^ I thought it was heavier.